Our Story

My name is Christina Foxwell, and in 2012, I founded this practice. Why?

I had been in hr, recruitment, consulting, training, and executive leadership and what I knew for sure was we were missing an opportunity to engage and equip people and in return, increase business performance.

In my career, I have seen people step into growth, achieve the unexpected and succeed together. I am, therefore, a firm believer that people can unlock their purpose, joy, development and Performance. I also believe organisations can achieve success and high performing cultures by engaging in clarity, inclusivity, honesty, vision and measurement. In essence, I have found it’s a delicate balance between people and Performance.

What has inspired my team and me to keep learning, growing and stepping into that uncomfortable place of unlocking change? It is the difference we have seen in Leadership teams, cultures and most importantly, the people (humans) we work with.

What is our role?

With my team, we provide tools, insights, support, reflection and frameworks for and on the journey of growth and Performance. Are we fixers? that we are not. We facilitate a safe space where people can unlock their success, learn, grow and work together. This allows each person to live their best life (and achieve) for themselves, their team and the organisation they serve.

Our purpose is quite simple, to make a difference to one person’s life a day so they can make a difference to the world they live in, work in and create.

How do we work?

We start with people and align people to performance outcomes and measures.

We help people ignite their purpose, build their skills, lead who they are and shift their mindsets. We do this through coaching programs from executives through to leaders and teams.

We align leaders (Executive alignment programs) to each other, people to their leaders, and finally, we empower the organisation to build a culture of high performance.

We facilitate strategy, alignment, culture leadership, sales and performance workshops. We coach leaders, teams and organisations to partner, connect deeply and unlock potential and Performance.
The tools we use to support our clients are, bespoke designed programs based on their individual needs—behaviour profiles (DISC & Motivators). We also use TILT365 to help personal insights on growth that aligns to coaching programs. We do impact surveys, high-performance measurement and 360 assessments. Finally, we are the distributors of Silega Business Simulations in ANZ and use interactive simulations and activities to create reflective learning environments.

Our team is based in Sydney, Australia; we work virtually and face to face and have delivered workshops and coaching sessions to clients all over the world.

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