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Why our work matters:

Connection is the answer to supporting higher performance in teams and organisations. In a recent research study, we undertook globally, to see how people were feeling, we found the following insights:

More than 65% of the respondents reside in Australia, with the remainder in North America, Canada, Europe and South Africa.
When Vivek Murthy wrote his book “Together”, he identified loneliness as the most significant predictor of sickness. It impacts our mental and physical health and separates us from others. The antidote to loneliness and isolation is CONNECTION. The antidote to a workplace filled with fear is a workplace with love at the centre. It is a place where people are the answer because they are encouraged to practice connecting with SELF, connecting with the TEAM and working in a connected community that passionately and purposefully delivers.

What we know about organisations and people:

Covid-19 restrictions created mental fatigue, stress and a feeling of not being in control for many organisations and people. This means people are trying to be in control of others and things outside their control and are suffering and fearful. The ability for people to value each other, find solutions together and stay peaceful has become more challenging than ever before. Leaders need help to unite people, create clarity in an unclear world and build agility to navigate complexities. We also recognise that people working together, focusing on what matters, and learning to hear and see each other without fear and judgement will harness collective strengths and create momentum to deliver outcomes.

If loneliness and Separation are crippling organisations and people we must create the tools, the guidance and the support for People to Heal, Organisations to Transform, and our World to be Impacted for the Better.

We need a world where we:

This means we create communities and organisations where:


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